Having a UX mentor is a great way to help you advance and grow in your career as a UX Designer. At UXmentor.me we have a team of experienced UX and Research mentors available to help you. But what are the benefits of a UX mentor?

Advice from real UX Designers

There is a lot of information available online. The problem is that it doesn’t tell you what you need to do in your specific situation. This results in you spending all your time finding more opinions instead of taking action.

Nothing beats being able to ask someone who has been there before. Our UX mentors have decades of experience delivering projects for clients. This means we can guide you towards the best course of action.

Our mentors have worked for dozens of clients and industries so we have usually seen your problem before.

Direct and relevant advice is always more effective than generic answers.

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Mentorship makes you accountable

One of the biggest problems with self-learning is that the only person holding you to account is you. This often results in no action or being unable to make a decision.

A UX mentor can hold you to account to make sure you do what you say you are going to. We can ensure you work towards the goals you have set in achievable steps.

Making consistent progress increases your motivation and gets results faster.

Improve your confidence

People are bad at pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. This means it can be tough to develop yourself and try new things.

Mentorship can encourage you to push your own boundaries to help you grow your confidence as a UX Designer.

Build on your UX course

UX courses and bootcamps can be great for learning the basics. But they don’t teach you how to apply those basics in the real, messy world of work.

A UX mentor can help you apply your practical knowledge in a real job. A mentor can help you understand how to adapt your design process to fit different situations such as:

  • Limited budget
  • Limited time
  • No user research
  • No UX buy in

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Improve your communication

Sharing your work with your UX mentor helps develop your presentation skills.

In the workplace, you will be sharing your designs and approach with others in your team and organisation. Design critiques can be intimidating. Practising them with your mentor is a great way to learn how to use them effectively.

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Chris Mears

Chris is co-founder of UXmentor.me. He has worked with clients such as the UK government, Just Eat & Which? with a focus on service design and transformation.