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  • Guerrilla Testing: Tips to Test Your Website or App the Lean and Agile Way

    Guerrilla testing is the answer to the phrase “We don’t have the time or budget to user test”. Guerrilla testing is easy way to test a website or app for usability before it goes live. What is Guerrilla testing? Guerrilla testing or guerrilla research is a lean and agile technique for user testing that gives you […]

  • User Testing – 5 Tips for conducting your user test

    Humans like to assume a lot of things, but assumptions are the mother of all..ah…I think you know the rest. It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t assume anything in life, especially in the world of technology. If you’re thinking about becoming a UX designer making assumptions is pretty much the worst thing you could […]

  • User Research – The Beginner’s Guide

    Why should I conduct user research? As designers, if we fail to understand how potential users expect to interact with a product, we will fail to create satisfying, productive and enjoyable experiences for them. Carrying out user research will allow you to explore, throughout the design process, what your users’ perceptions, expectations and aspirations might be […]

  • Quick Tips – How to record a user testing session using only Mac OS X

    Constraints force us to think creatively. A locked down laptop forces us to throw ourselves out the nearest window. Need a way to record some user testing without installing any additional software on your Macbook or waiting 6 months for a procurement order? I came up with this quick and dirty method which uses only what OS X […]

  • The importance of user testing nothing

    When we design sites it’s all to easy to add various elements to the interface simply because it’s a ‘best practice’, something which has worked in the past or just something you feel you should do to aid the user. The problem with doing this is we never discover what the true needs of the […]

  • User Testing On a Budget – You Are Not The User

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are the user when you are wireframing your screens. In most cases you aren’t so you must use user testing to ratify your design decisions. I was recently working with a client to help them be more user-centred in their design work. On beginning this […]

  • Interview – Darrell Benatar on Usertesting.com – An Online User Testing Tool

    We talk to Darrell Benatar, CEO of usertesting.com on how his tool can help you improve your conversion rates by offering an alternative to traditional user testing. 1. For those that haven’t heard of usertesting.com before, how would you describe the service you offer? UserTesting.com is the fastest and cheapest way to find out why people […]