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  • Plan your UX career with personas, user journeys and user stories

    As UX consultants we spend so much time thinking about other people (the users) that it can be hard to take a step back and look at ourselves and our own UX career. What kind of projects do we enjoy? What gives us job satisfaction? What type of environment do we thrive in? You are […]

  • Responsive Design Using Contextual Product Backlogs and User Stories

    Responsive design is one of the biggest challenges to solve in the modern UX world. How can we design effectively for multiple devices and screen sizes without needing to wireframe screens several times or mess around with HTML? To be honest, so far I don’t think anybody really has the answer. I’m going to throw […]

  • User Stories – The Beginner’s Guide

    Our Beginner’s Guide series is designed to help those who are just starting to learn about user experience, or those who want to brush up on the basics. In this part, we take a look at user stories. What is a user story? A user story is a short sentence which encapsulates a need or […]