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  • User Research – The Beginner’s Guide

    Why should I conduct user research? As designers, if we fail to understand how potential users expect to interact with a product, we will fail to create satisfying, productive and enjoyable experiences for them. Carrying out user research will allow you to explore, throughout the design process, what your users’ perceptions, expectations and aspirations might be […]

  • Quick Tips – How to record a user testing session using only Mac OS X

    Constraints force us to think creatively. A locked down laptop forces us to throw ourselves out the nearest window. Need a way to record some user testing without installing any additional software on your Macbook or waiting 6 months for a procurement order? I came up with this quick and dirty method which uses only what OS X […]

  • Interview – Caroline Jarrett on Form Design and Usability

    Disclosure: This post contains some links (marked with *) on which a small commission is earned. Read full disclosure policy. We speak to Caroline Jarrett – one of the leading figures in form design and usability and author of Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability * What is the most common usability problem […]

  • The importance of user testing nothing

    When we design sites it’s all to easy to add various elements to the interface simply because it’s a ‘best practice’, something which has worked in the past or just something you feel you should do to aid the user. The problem with doing this is we never discover what the true needs of the […]

  • The Four Mobile Traps – New Usertesting.com Study

    Usertesting.com have just published a new report in which they detail the results of user testing sessions of thousands of users on mobile apps and websites. I spoke to Michael Mace, a Mobile Strategist at Usertesting.com to learn a little bit more about the findings. Companies creating mobile apps and websites often underestimate how different the mobile world […]