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  • Discovery Phase – Service Design – The Beginner’s Guide

    What is the discovery phase? The discovery phase of any service design project is one of the most important and one of the most intense. You start understanding the service as it currently exists (if it does) and where you want it to end up. Personas, user journeys and other familiar items from your UX […]

  • Content for your target persona – how to write it

    Writing content that speaks to your personas is crucial to the success of your product and a key part of any content strategy. We all know that badly written content is an immediate turn-off to anyone considering purchasing a product. Something as simple as a spelling mistake or typo can create distrust in a brand, while […]

  • Personas – The Beginner’s Guide

    Our Beginner’s Guide series is designed to help those who are just starting to learn about user experience, or those who want to brush up on the basics. In this first part, we look personas. What is a persona? Simply put, a persona is a representation of a particular audience segment for a website / […]

  • Users Want More Than “Pretty” – Using Personas & Scenarios to Aid Visual Design

    So you just put the finishing touches on your new and beautifully designed website. The drop shadows are spot on and the textures look great. It’s truly pixel perfect! But the real question is, is it usable? This isn’t to say that visual aesthetics are not important, because they are. People would much rather look at something […]