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  • Opinion: What the flaming monkey balls is a UX Designer anyway?

    Tools and deliverables don’t define what a UX Designer is or does. But how do we describe ourselves to other people without this convenient mechanism? I was recently having a little check of my LinkedIn. Aside from my profile once again being incomplete (I strongly believe it is impossible to have a complete LinkedIn profile […]

  • Improve UX – become a developer

    UX is always a balancing act between amazing experience solutions and budgetary restraints. So how can a Front End Developer help? User Experience Designers are an interesting bunch. And not in a Steve ‘Interesting’ Davis way. I think you’d struggle to find a field with people that have a greater variety of backgrounds. Back in […]

  • User Experience Hiring Strategy

    Many of you will have seen Jason Mesut’s excellent presentation: “Truth and Dare – Out of the echo chamber into the fire” (http://www.slideshare.net/jasonmesut/truth-and-dare-04). In this post we look at how the points he raises can be used as part of a User Experience hiring strategy. What is seems to me Jason is saying, is that […]