Tag: Ecommerce

  • When UX Gets Naughty

    I was recently discussing the nature of dark patterns with some colleagues and it got me thinking about what role we as UX professionals have to play when balancing the needs of the user against the needs of the business. For those that don’t know about dark patterns, a pretty good summary is this: A […]

  • Designing our interfaces based on hunger

    In 2011 there was a study by Jonathan Levav of Columbia Business School looking at parole hearings for inmates of four Israeli prisons, made by eight judges over a ten-month period. The results were very interesting – after a refreshment break, a prisoner’s chances of gaining parole were far higher then towards the end of a morning […]

  • Using ethical decisions to promote customer engagement

    Graze.com, the supplier of healthy snacklets to office workers has an interesting method for making us become philanthropists, simply because the option not to be is almost so pointless as to not be considered. The idea of referral codes isn’t new. Normally you get a discount for you and the referee and indeed that’s no different here. […]