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  • Content for your target persona – how to write it

    Writing content that speaks to your personas is crucial to the success of your product and a key part of any content strategy. We all know that badly written content is an immediate turn-off to anyone considering purchasing a product. Something as simple as a spelling mistake or typo can create distrust in a brand, while […]

  • Digital Tribes – Creating Behaviour Change in Users

    Everyone is a customer for something. As UX designers we should be aiming to influence customer behaviour in order to persuade them to take action for the benefit of the brands we work for. One way we can do this is by tapping into the theory of digital tribes and the group behaviour they inevitably […]

  • Driving more valuable customer journeys with emotion mapping – Part 2

    In the last post we introduced Plutchik’s emotion wheel and added some scoring to it in order to make it more useful for us when designing products or services. In this part we will look at how we can take that tool and use it to enhance our understanding of customer journeys. Quantifying the customer […]

  • Driving more valuable customer journeys with emotion mapping – Part 1

    In this two part series we take a look at how traditional psychological principles can be used to enhance our user experience decision making and influence user’s decision making on an emotional level. Putting the emotional back into UX Let’s face it, none of us make entirely rational decisions online – especially when it comes to online […]