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  • Product Managers – What do they do?

    One of the key roles you will have to work with in your UX projects is a Product Manager or Product Owner. We speak to Josh Harris, Senior Product Manager at LexisNexis UK to find out more about what they do.. How did you get into your current role? Luck? I did Law at university, but realised […]

  • Responsive Design Using Contextual Product Backlogs and User Stories

    Responsive design is one of the biggest challenges to solve in the modern UX world. How can we design effectively for multiple devices and screen sizes without needing to wireframe screens several times or mess around with HTML? To be honest, so far I don’t think anybody really has the answer. I’m going to throw […]

  • User Stories – The Beginner’s Guide

    Our Beginner’s Guide series is designed to help those who are just starting to learn about user experience, or those who want to brush up on the basics. In this part, we take a look at user stories. What is a user story? A user story is a short sentence which encapsulates a need or […]