UX projects that fill the gap between courses and the real world of work

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  • Real experience for your portfolio
  • Learn flexibility in your UX process
  • Dedicated mentorship throughout
  • Learn by sharing with the community
  • Improve your presentation skills

  • Create real products
  • Learn new ways of working
  • Flexible around your schedule
  • Affordable
  • Build your confidence

Finding UXmentor.me and having the opportunity to work on a project has really sped up my career change process and gave me the confidence to apply for new jobs in line with my professional interests. I am now on a career path I very much enjoy.

Martina Zahradnikova


Chris Mears

Chris Mears

Chris has worked across the public and private sector for the last decade. His clients include the UK Government, Just Eat and Lexis Nexis.

Christina Li

Christina Li

Christina has over 10 years of experience in research and design and leading teams to deliver user-centred experiences.


Why are you doing these UX projects?

At UXmentor.me we believe there is a gap between what you learn on a bootcamp or online UX course and what life is like once you start a real job.

Constraints such as budgets, timelines, stakeholders and resources mean you can’t always deliver a textbook UX process.

We want to train the next generation of UXers and Researchers to be able to cope with these constraints and deliver high quality user centred design to the world.

What knowledge do I need before I join?

In order to make the most out of our projects we recommend you have either:

  • Been on a UX bootcamp (e.g. General Assembly)
  • Taken an online UX course (e.g. Udemy, Lynda)

You should also have an understanding of Agile.

Can anyone join?

At the moment we are only accepting candidates from the United Kingdom. We hope to open this up to more countries soon.

How much does it cost?

At the moment we are in beta. Prices will be published soon.

How long are the projects?

Our projects last for 8 weeks, split into 4 sprints.

You should be able to dedicate 8 hours per week to the projects.

Where can I learn about previous projects?

You can read our case studies and see examples of our mentees work during their projects.

Read case studies