UX Career Booster 🚀

Projects to teach new UX Designers how to deliver great experiences
in the real world of work.


Our projects teach you vital skills you will need after taking a UX course or bootcamp.

  • Real experience for your portfolio
  • Learn how to deal with difficult stakeholders
  • Deliver quality user research on a budget
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Learn new ways of working
  • Build your confidence

The textbook UX process doesn’t exist. 

Our projects recreate the work environment in a way UX courses and bootcamps can’t.

“Mentors try to get the best out of you. They help discover your weaknesses and and strengths by your side so you have the opportunity to improve yourself and the project.”

Laura Sampedro


“Having the opportunity to work on a project has really sped up my career change process and gave me the confidence to apply for new jobs in line with my professional interests. I am now on a career path I very much enjoy!”

Martina Zahradnikova

Oak’s Lab


Chris and Christina co-founded UXmentor.me in 2013 to help those new to UX to transition into the world of work. With a combined total of over 20 years of experience, they are the perfect mentors to guide you.

Chris Mears

UX Design mentor

Chris will help you frame your project in a user centred way and translate your research findings into actionable design concepts and prototypes

Christina Li

UX Research Mentor

Christina will help guide and shape your research approach, recommend different research methods and help uncover user needs and insights from research.

Project outline

Our projects are 6 hours per week across 3 sprints.



The first sprint is all about understanding the problem space you are working in and getting ready for research.

We will kick off the project, you will meet your team and you will understand the assumptions you are testing.

You will then develop a comprehensive research plan.



Now the fun part – talking to actual users and understanding their needs.

You will create a discussion guide, speak to users using our online panel and capture your observations.

You will then analyse your findings to create actionable insights.



In the final sprint you will take your research insights and use them to concept designs and prototypes that solve their needs.

Apply now

UX Career Booster

You should have taken a UX Bootcamp (e.g General Assembly, Springboard) or an online course (e.g. Udemy, Lynda).


New projects coming soon.

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