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Greetings! We’ve made it! This is the end of week Sprint 4, and the end of the project. We’re excited to share this last step of the journey with you all.

What were our goals for this sprint?

  1. Develop concepts using everything we learned from our first round of user interviews.
  2. Conduct concept interviews to see how our ideas are received.
  3. Incorporate feedback from insights from the concept interviews.
  4. Polish the concepts and share final project with the mentors!

What was our approach?

To develop concepts, each team member completed a “crazy 8” activity.  For this activity we each took a piece of paper, and folded it into 8 sections.  Then, we challenged ourselves to come up with 8 separate ideas that could potentially solve for the various need statements we drew from our research conclusions.  The purpose of the exercise was to encourage ourselves to think outside the box.

By the end, we had nearly 24 different concepts between the four of us!  To narrow down our scope, we dot voted for our favorite concepts.  This approach made it obvious which concepts we liked the most, and highlighted other ideas that we might be able to fold in to the designs.  We end up with 3 concepts. We were ready to get feedback on our concepts!

We conducted 4 concept interviews with participants from our slack community.  Using Miro, we analysed our feedback by concept. We learned important lessons of what our participants thought would be useful, or maybe not at all.  Our last step is to iterate on the concepts, and make final recommendations to our mentors.

Listening how real people react to the prototypes that we worked out after the discovery phase is just amazing. Having feedback to prove our own assumptions enables us to grow us as UX professionals.


What challenges did you face?

We were down one team member the last week.  As always, being down a member means that we have to work efficiently to make up for the lost manpower.   The show must go on!

The task of concept interviews were new to most of the team.  We made sure that we focused our questions on the ideas behind the concepts, as opposed to a usability test.  We asked questions like:

  1. “How do you think this concept will work?”
  2. “Is this design relevant to you?”
  3. “What would you remove from the concept?”

It was great to see how people responded to the concepts we came up with. This project has definitely developed my skills and understanding of user research and UX


Recruiting was tougher this time around.  We had a goal of recruiting 6 participants.  Due to scheduling and the typical hassles of life, we only interviewed 4 participants.

What did we learn?

Meetings are not always needed to get the job done.  This sprint we only met once, and decided as a team to to carry out as many conversations as we could over our slack group.  We’ve become much more in touch with when teammates are generally available.

This whole project has been a fun and educational marathon. The team worked wonderfully to pull the project to the finish line when I was gone this past week.


Be creative when concepting! An “out-there” idea that may not seem realistic at first might inspire another idea that would be practical and used.

During our concept interviews, we learned what meshed well with our participants, and what we might want to change.  Overall, participants liked these ideas:

  1. Mentor Match
  2. Mini Challenges
  3. Resource Library

Ideas that needed refinement:

  1. How would Mentors be paired with Mentees? What would be their qualifications?
  2. How can keep engagement up during  Mini Challenges?

Are there any tips you would like to share?

Always be open to new ideas and novel ways of approaching problems.  It is useful to step away from a computer, and come up with ideas with the ol’ paper and pencil.

Thanks for following this journey with us.  We especially want to give a shoutout to those who contributed via interviews.  We couldn’t have done this without you! 🙂

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