Community is important in every aspect of life. Communities can form around an interest, a local area or even your career. An online UX community can be a great way to turbocharge your learning and become a better Designer. Here are some reasons why.

Knowing you aren’t alone

It’s easy to think you are the first person to ever ask a particular question.

Being part of an online community means you very often see that your question was asked many times before.

This means you get your answer faster. It also gives you the confidence to grow and learn without feeling embarrassed.

We believe in group learning at Your question could help countless others.

You can meet and engage with hundreds of others on the same UX journey as you. It is likely many of them will have had similar challenges to learn from.

Getting a new perspective

You may be the only UX Designer or Researcher in your organisation. Being a UX Designer of one is not uncommon. This can make it hard to bounce ideas off others, get feedback and attack problems in new ways.

Because our community is online, you have a whole host of other experience you can draw from instantly. has mentees who have worked in many different industries and countries. They also have many different cultural and personal backgrounds to draw from.

All this can give you a fresh perspective and help you crack tough design problems.


Connecting with others remains one of the best ways you can unlock opportunities in your UX career.

An online UX community could be for you if:

  • Schmoozing at conferences or networking events isn’t your style
  • There isn’t a UX scene where you live
  • You want to meet other UX Designers and Researchers

One of the biggest benefits is that you aren’t limited by geography. Traditional communities are limited by those who are in the local area. This usually means fewer people and less diversity.

You can connect with others across the world to:

  • Work with on course assignments
  • Collaborate on causes you care about
  • Grab a coffee (real or virtual) and talk UX
  • Share experience
  • Mentor you

Many of our mentees have gained new friends, partnered on course assignments and even found jobs.

It’s easy to get started

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Chris Mears

Chris is co-founder of He has worked with clients such as the UK government, Just Eat & Which? with a focus on service design and transformation.