Darrell Benatar - CEO Usertesting.com
We talk to Darrell Benatar, CEO of usertesting.com on how his tool can help you improve your conversion rates by offering an alternative to traditional user testing.

1. For those that haven’t heard of usertesting.com before, how would you describe the service you offer?

UserTesting.com is the fastest and cheapest way to find out why people are leaving your website without buying. We provide you with videos of your target market speaking their thoughts while using your site or app – and you get these videos in about an hour. It’s fast.

2. Formalised user testing can often be prohibitively expensive for many projects. Is UserTesting.com an alternative or a substitute in your opinion?

With our service you’re able to get the same results as traditional user testing for hundreds of dollars as opposed to tens of thousands of dollars. And, the best part is, instead of waiting months for results you get them in about an hour. Because of that, we’re most often used as a substitute  since our customers like to improve their sites as quickly as possible.

3. How do you ensure your customers get quality feedback from the representative users on your site?

At UserTesting.com we LOVE our customers – and I don’t say that lightly. Ensuring that they get quality feedback (and an overall great experience) is always at the top of my mind and is our #1 priority as a company.

UserTesting.com DemographicsWe ensure the feedback they get is great by:

  • Being very selective about the testers on our panel
  • Allowing our customers to rate the testers
  • Offering our 1-year money-back guarantee

4. How does the service work in terms of user testing mobile apps or websites?

This is one of the things that gets me most excited because I see our service making mobile websites and apps better each and every day. We provide videos of real people using your site or app on their mobile phone or tablet. You can even choose between Apple and Android, or, as we recommend, you can test on both platforms. It’s really powerful to be able to see someone using your mobile site or app while they’re telling you their thoughts. Not only can you see where they’re getting stuck or confused, but you can also hear their emotion. Are they bored? Excited? Apathetic? It all comes through in the video.

5. How do you see UserTesting.com working as part of the larger UX workflow?

One of the best things about our service is how flexible it is, and how it is useful at every stage of the UX workflow. For example, we often use our own service (yup, we’re our own customers) to test out prototypes. We’re able to fix a lot of big issues at this stage before we invest the money into design and development. On the other hand, Evernote uses us primarily after design and development but before they release their product. Essentially, what we do is get you feedback fast whenever it will be most helpful to you.

UserTesting.com Highlight Reel

UserTesting.com Highlight Reel

usertesting_results6. Jakob Nielson generally recommends using around 5 users to discover most usability issues. In your experience how many users do your customers tend to test with?

This is one of those things that will depend on the project and the customer. Generally we recommend that people start by user testing with about 5 participants, use the feedback to improve their site or app, and then test with another 5 participants. If you run through this process a few times your site is going to improve in a hurry.

7. Judging by your blog and Twitter account you are clearly very involved in the larger UX community – what do you think are the biggest issues facing those working in the UX world at the moment?

The UX community is such an inspiring group. The work that they’re doing really inspires us to continue to make our product better, and to continue to produce great content through our blog and webinars. I’m probably not qualified to talk about the biggest issues facing the community, but I do think one of the issues is creating sites that work beautifully across a wide variety of devices. A lot of our customers are using our mobile user testing service to try to get ahead of this issue, but it’s something we all need to be thinking about.

8. Final question – how is your new cat testing service working out?

It’s working out really well! If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, then they should head over
to usertesting.com/cats. Our customers are loving the honest feedback that our cat
testers are providing.

You can try out UserTesting.com for as low as $33 per user on your first order


Image Courtesy Matthew Niederberger

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