Community Values

Community Values is a community for anyone involved or interested in the fields of UX, Design and Research to mature, learn and grow.

These guidelines are intended to give you an overview of how we keep the community safe, open and valuable and how we enforce those values.

All members of are bound by this code of conduct which applies both online and offline if attending related events or meet-ups.

This community exists to

  • Help you become a better UX Designer and Researcher
  • Help you connect with others learning about UX
  • Help you discover resources to accelerate your learning

What we expect from all members

  • Introduce yourself to the community – We want to give you a warm welcome and find out your story. This will help you start to connect with other members on similar journeys as you. You may even find other people from your hometown.
  • Ask questions – This is a space to learn and become a better designer, so be inquisitive. Your question may have been asked before, so make reasonable efforts to check before you post it again.
  • Endeavour to contribute back to the community – Even if you are new to UX, or are coming into the field from a different background, your opinion still counts. Feel free to add your voice to any discussion.
  • Do not belittle or judge other members – Everyone is at a different stage of learning, so show patience and understanding.
  • Show your support and encourage others – We’re all trying to become better Designers and Researchers, and it’s easier if we are on each other’s side.
  • Keep it confidential – Don’t share conversations across any channel or private message, outside the community.
  • Be inclusive – We want everyone to feel included in our community. In particular, nobody should ever feel excluded on the basis of their:
    • Gender, gender identity, or gender expression
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability or medical condition
    • Physical appearance (including but not limited to body size)
    • Race
    • Age
    • Religion
  • Look out for each others safety – Report anything you think violates these values to the admins or community managers.

What you can expect from us

  • We’ll give up our free time to help you. But please consider that we have day jobs too.
  • We’ll answer you questions the best of our ability. When we can’t, we’ll try to point you in the right direction to find the answers you need.
  • We will provide content and resources, that will offer value towards you becoming a better UX designer or researcher.
  • Zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, or discrimination.
  • We’ll listen to you. Everyone in the community is considered equal, so you should feel free to make suggestions about how we can grow together and make this community the best it can be.
  • We’ll treat everyone with respect

What we don’t accept

  • Use of the community to sell or market external products or services to our members
  • Political discussion unless it has a direct impact on design
  • Sharing of community-specific resources outside of the community (such as videos, PDFs etc) without prior permission from an admin
  • Publication of private communication without the other parties consent

Any breach of the above will result in removal from the community.

Our admins

  • Chris Mears – Slack: @[Mentor] Chris
  • Christina Li – Slack: @[Mentor] Christina

Community Managers

  • Chris James – Slack: @[MOD] Chris J

Thanks for helping keep the community a fun, safe and valuable place to get involved!