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  • Design experiences not sites – lessons learnt by a visual designer

    I used to be one of the visual designers who thought I could design a website in a few days. For an experienced designer, it’s not too difficult to put a few concepts together and build a website that looks good. But is ‘look good’ good enough? In the past few months I’ve been working […]

  • Digital Tribes – Creating Behaviour Change in Users

    Everyone is a customer for something. As UX designers we should be aiming to influence customer behaviour in order to persuade them to take action for the benefit of the brands we work for. One way we can do this is by tapping into the theory of digital tribes and the group behaviour they inevitably […]

  • Plan your UX career with personas, user journeys and user stories

    As UX consultants we spend so much time thinking about other people (the users) that it can be hard to take a step back and look at ourselves and our own UX career. What kind of projects do we enjoy? What gives us job satisfaction? What type of environment do we thrive in? You are […]

  • Confirmation Emails – The Forgotten Part Of The User Journey

    I was recently buying a printer online from a well known UK retailer. I chose to have the printer delivered to a local store which stated it would be available by 5pm the following day. Shortly after paying I received an email stating the following: Your Pay & Collect order XXXX is on its way […]

  • Undercover Boss – A Case Study For UX Research

    Many of you will be familiar with the ‘Undercover Boss’ series on television. For those who aren’t the basic concept is a CEO puts on a disguise and starts doing some of the jobs within their own company to discover what the issues facing their staff are. The bosses in the show are constantly surprised […]

  • We Ask – How Much UX Work Should You Include In a Pitch?

    As UX professionals we pride ourselves on creating solutions that take into account user feedback. However, in order to win a project sometimes the rules have to be bent. I’ve worked on a lot of pitches in my time, some successful and some not. It is always sits a little uneasily with me when I […]

  • User Testing On a Budget – You Are Not The User

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you are the user when you are wireframing your screens. In most cases you aren’t so you must use user testing to ratify your design decisions. I was recently working with a client to help them be more user-centred in their design work. On beginning this […]

  • The Four Mobile Traps – New Study have just published a new report in which they detail the results of user testing sessions of thousands of users on mobile apps and websites. I spoke to Michael Mace, a Mobile Strategist at to learn a little bit more about the findings. Companies creating mobile apps and websites often underestimate how different the mobile world […]

  • Interview – Stephen Rapoport on Yourgrind (now Pact Coffee)

    Interview – Stephen Rapoport on Yourgrind (now Pact Coffee)

    We interview Stephen Rapoport from (now – the exciting new startup delivering fresh coffee directly to your doorstep. 1. Firstly could you tell us a bit about yourself and Sure! I started as a personal indulgence, following the sale of my last startup last year. I wanted to run a business around […]

  • Interview – Victor Hsu on Axure RP

    We speak with Victor Hsu about Axure RP – the industry standard wireframing and prototyping tool for UX Designers 1. For those that haven’t heard of Axure how would you describe it? Axure is a wireframing and prototyping tool for web sites and applications. Design and business professionals use it to get a solid feel […]