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  • How I built an app – Part 3: Development and testing

    In this series I’ve now covered the user needs gathering and prototyping, product roadmap and branding. Now it’s time to tell you about how I actually got my MeetMate app developed and built. Finding my developer For me, this was the hardest part of the process. Not least because for some reason iOS developers were the one type of person I seemed […]

  • How I built an app – Part 2: Product roadmap, branding and UI

    In part 1 of this series in how I built my app – MeetMate, I told you about how I understood the user needs and began prototyping the initial ideas. In this part i’m going to talk you through how I understood the product roadmap for the app and worked on the branding and early interface ideas. Understanding the product roadmap […]

  • How I built an app – Part 1: User needs and prototyping

    It was a few months ago. I was in a meeting which was going round and round in circles. It’s a situation that has happened over and over throughout my working life. I tried to pin down exactly why it was and then it hit me: almost none of these meetings had an agenda. Or […]

  • Why you should give public sector UX a try

    We’ve all been dazzled by the promise of working in a fast paced agency environments, designing super cool campaigns, innovative apps and social media strategies for well known brands. The public sector may not have the same type of glamour – but what it does have is users who really need your help. I have […]

  • How reassurance seeking patterns can help your user experience design

    Your Amazon shopping screen has just told you your payment has gone through and the order was successful. What do you do next? Do you believe it and go on to your other tasks? Or do you sit by your inbox to see if there’s a confirmation email just to make sure? Well, I am […]

  • Interview – Claire Sadler on the UX Job Market

    We speak to Claire Sadler (@ClaireSadler13) from Cogs Agency in Shoreditch, London, UK about the state of the UX Job market, employment trends and salaries. Like a flame to the UX moth nation of London, Claire has been recruiting for UXers for 3 years   How have you seen the UX job market moving in the last […]

  • Interview – Caroline Jarrett on Form Design and Usability

    Disclosure: This post contains some links (marked with *) on which a small commission is earned. Read full disclosure policy. We speak to Caroline Jarrett – one of the leading figures in form design and usability and author of Forms that Work: Designing Web Forms for Usability * What is the most common usability problem […]

  • The Psychology of Slacktivism

    I was travelling on the tube (the subway for our American readers) the other day and caught a glimpse of a new fundraising campaign by Macmillian Cancer Support called ‘Shave or Style‘. Normally when you think of fundraising campaigns you think of things like cycling across Europe, climbing a mountain or something vaguely challenging. I […]

  • The importance of user testing nothing

    When we design sites it’s all to easy to add various elements to the interface simply because it’s a ‘best practice’, something which has worked in the past or just something you feel you should do to aid the user. The problem with doing this is we never discover what the true needs of the […]

  • The UX of sound – designing audio experience

    The web is a very quiet place these days. Gone are the days of dodgy auto-playing midi tunes from the Geocities era or loud over the top flash splash screens. I can’t say I miss these aspects of the web particularly and they certainly weren’t great examples of enhancing user experience with sound – but […]