Announcing our Community Values

Announcing our Community Values

Over the past 6 months has seen a big increase in new members. With this increase, we’ve seen a big uplift in questions being asked, meetups being arranged and interaction between members.

Why we created our community values

With our growing community we want to create an environment where people feel comfortable to ask questions and interact with other members.

In our recent member survey we discovered that some members can feel anxious about posting questions or responding to posts from other members.

We believe being curious and getting involved in discussions with our peers who are also willing to share their knowledge, will help us all become better UX Designers and Researchers.

What was clear was that we needed to take steps to make feel safe and open to all members.

Our objectives

To support this objective we have developed a set of community values.

These values aim to:

  • Define the basic rules for making the community a safe place, so that no member feels intimidated or vulnerable in any way.
  • Define the expectations of our members and their behaviours, so others may contribute to the community in a positive way.
  • Define what our members can expect from the mentors and Community Managers as we strive to make the community offer the best experience it can.

How we created our community values

During the process for defining our own values, we looked around for some inspiration from communities we admire.

One of those was the Monzo forum. They have done a great job of fostering a community where their customers feel able to feedback their opinions, knowing that they will be listened to.

Their community code of conduct is part of making this happen and lets everyone know how they can get involved. We particularly liked how they set out their guidelines for safety and inclusivity.

We also looked at the Government Digital Service (GDS) community manuals. This documentation is extensive and well structured. We liked how it makes it clear who the guidelines are for and why they’re important.

Taking this inspiration and using our objectives as a starting point, we set about developing our own set of community values.

Our Community Values

Read the Community Values

We ask you to take a moment to familiarise yourself with these values. This is a living document and we expect them to evolve over time.

If you feel they could be improved we encourage you to feedback with comments or suggestions. This can be done publicly or privately to the mentors or Community Managers.

These values are intended to make all members feel encouraged to participate in the community in an active way, which we believe will provide the most value to everyone.