Online UX mentoring for Designers in their first job.

UX mentoring

Online UX mentoring for those in their first UX job.

Online UX mentorship
  • Your own individual mentor
  • Personalised mentoring plan
  • Advice when you need it

UX Career Booster

Projects to teach new UX Designers how to deliver great experiences in the real world of work.

UX Career Booster
  • Real experience for your portfolio
  • Deal with tricky stakeholders
  • Deliver user research on a budget

“UXmentor.me was one way for me to learn how design is evolving in the real world, what methods practitioners use in their practice and what qualities are valued in a designer once one leaves the secure, cosy walls of the school”

Jana Voykova

Jana Voykova

Meet your UX mentors

Chris Mears

Chris Mears


Chris has worked with clients such as the UK government, Just Eat & Which? with a focus on service design and transformation.

Christina Li

Christina Li


Christina has over 10 years of experience in research and design and leading teams to deliver user-centred experiences.

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